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Murphy beds have been around for over 100 years. Back in the early 1900’s, William Murphy applied for a patent and started his company, the “Murphy Wall Bed Company” in California. You see William Murphy needed more space in his tiny apartment, just as many of us need more space in a small room with multiple uses today. So, if you need a guest bed in a room that you use for something else, a Murphy bed might just be right for you.

Now, should you make your own Murphy bed? This really depends on if you are good at woodworking and if you want to save money. Building a Murphy wall bed is more complex than some woodworking projects; however, if you are an experienced woodworker, it can be easily done. If you decide to take the plunge, the first thing I would do is find someone to help you as some steps will require two people. Next, you will need a couple of things. A good set up woodworking plans to build your bed and a mechanism which will allow your bed to fold up into the wall.see it here

Before you start, you will also need to decide which style of bed you want. Some fold from the top down, requiring less space when considering the wall width. Others fold up from the side. Both can be effective ways of conserving space in your office or extra room. You will also need to decide on the size of the bed. I have seen the hardware for the mechanism required in both twin, full, and queen size beds. I would think either a full or queen size bed would be best as it will be easier for a couple who is visiting to both sleep in the bed at the same time.

Once you have decided this, you can then choose the plans you want to follow. Some popular looks include a bookshelf, cabinet look. This has a cabinet in the middle where the bed folds up into and has bookshelves made out of the same wood and colors on each side of the Murphy bed. This is especially popular if you are building your wall bed in an office. Then, you are creating even more storage for books and other small items that can fit on shelves. There are also other cabinet type beds to choose from. At the end of the day, you have to choose what will fit your needs. On the other hand, there are other space saving beds available as choices now as well. You may consider an Aero Bed or even a Futon as both can serve the same purpose as a Murphy bed, but both cost considerably less. Whatever you choose, we hope we have helped you with your decision.